Preparing for Robotic Surgical Procedures

Preparing for Robotic Surgical Procedures

When you have a robotic procedure scheduled, you may feel nervous thinking about the day of your surgery. Physicians may give different instructions, in which case you should follow them accordingly. However, to get you prepared for what may come, let’s look at what to expect when you require robotic surgery.

A Week Before

7 days before you are admitted to the medical facility for your surgery, you should confirm with your insurance provider that your surgeon is covered under your policy. You should also complete any preadmission requirements, such as lab tests. Arrangements should be made as to who will transmit you to and from the facility, so you will not be able to operate a motor vehicle after your surgery.

The Day Before

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Speak with a preadmission nurse to confirm your appointment and complete an interview to make sure you know what to expect. You should prepare copies of important documents that you may need, which your doctor will specify. Pack any items you may need for the duration of your stay, such as chargers, blankets, books, and other items.

The Night Before

The night before charleston robotic surgery, you should avoid eating or drinking items unless it has been specified by your healthcare provider. Make sure to follow all instructions given to you by your doctor to ensure that you are in optimal condition on the day of your surgery.

Admission Day

On the day of your surgery, bring along identification materials as well as your insurance information. Arrive at the schedules time wearing comfortable clothing. You will change into a hospital gown before the procedure and professionals will explain the next steps.

With this information, you are prepared for your robotic surgery and know what is in store for you on the day of your surgery and the days before.