How to Help a Child Deal With Anger

How to Help a Child Deal With Anger

While anger is a normal emotion we all feel, dealing with it can be difficult for a child. They grow frustrated easily and this may cause added frustrations and aggression even over seemingly small events. If you have a child who has anger outbursts or who cannot appropriately handle his or her anger, the following tips are a few that can help you help your child get a grip on their anger.

Teach Your Child About Feelings

We aren’t born into the world with understanding of our feelings or exactly how they work. It is up to you to teach your child this information. The more that your child knows and understands about his or her feelings, the better.

Teach Kids the Anger Warning Signs

Some parents create what is called an anger thermometer that helps teach kids about warning signs of anger. When they feel their temperature rising, they know that it is time to take a time out or that their anger is getting out of control.

Calm Down Strategies

Work with your child to find techniques that can help them cool down when they become angry. Help them learn to that a ‘time-out’ isn’t always a form of punishment! Encourage age-appropriate strategies that help them calm down when they are upset. Whether they retreat to their bedroom to find other ways to soothe themselves, they can learn to better control their anger.

Behavioral Therapy

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Kids of all ages can attend behavioral therapy sessions and learn better techniques to deal with anger.  A therapist works with your child to develop strategies to improve their behavioral health louisville. This is a beneficial strategy that benefits most kids and can be used as both a short-term and a long-term strategy.